The Altar School of Ministry (ASM) is a one-year intensive program based in Concord, NC where students will receive classroom training from Jeremiah Johnson and other instructors on the lifestyle of an end-time messenger and the return of the Lord. ASM students will have monthly opportunities to minister outside the classroom and spend hours in the prayer room. ASM is also available online for an affordable cost where students can view live classes, communicate with professors, and catch the replays with 24/7 access.

We believe that we are living in significant Bible times and a critical hour of history, which demands men and women of understanding who are anchored to God’s eternal storyline. End-time messengers are forerunners. In the same way, John the Baptist was a forerunner for the first coming of the Lord, we believe God is raising up a generation of forerunners to prepare the earth for the second coming of the Lord. These are voices crying out, “make straight the crooked paths, level the mountains, and raise up the valleys.” They are burning and shining lamps and friends of the Bridegroom. They have been marked by eternity.
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Semester 1:

Class 1 – “The Lifestyle of an End Time Messenger” Instructor: Jeremiah Johnson

Class 2 – “The Eternal Storyline” Instructor: Sarah Coker

Semester 2:

Class 3 – “Prophetic Ministry in the End Times” Instructor: Jeremiah Johnson

Class 4 – “Foundation for the End Times” Instructor: Skyler Farley