Who It’s For:

  • Students who have been given the big picture and wish to take the next step of practically applying it in the prayer room and partner with God to establish His storyline.
  • Those who are not students but are looking to receive further mentoring in prayer, plug into the prayer room, and pray into the eternal storyline.

What to Expect:

  • Receive teachings and tools to actively plug into or even lead corporate prayer meetings
  • Be trained in prophetic prayer rather than responsive prayer 
  • Learn how to pray into God’s eternal storyline
  • Receive personal feedback and hands-on training

Focus of the Mentorship:

  1. “Work the muscle” of prayer: Many people believe that prayer is just for a special group of people or they are waiting for the “spirit of prayer” to fall on them in order to pray in a prayer meeting, but fail to realize that the people who most often possess a spirit of prayer in the prayer meetings are those who have often exercised the muscle of prayer, therefore learning more easily how to connect to the Holy Spirit in prayer. This also assists in breaking off fear and intimidation in praying in prayer meetings. A focus of this mentorship will be getting people to weekly exercise the muscle of prayer amidst a prophetic atmosphere of prayer that they might more easily operate under the spirit of prayer.
  2. Receive practical teachings – as ASM gives much of the bigger picture/purpose of prayer, these teachings will look to deal with some of the practicals in relationship to prayer/prayer meetings such as: Preparing for Prayer meetings, Gaining Authority, the Purpose of Fasting, Praying in Tongues, Praying in Tune with the Spirit, and more.
  3. Be pushed in prophetic prayer – prophetic prayer is a combination of 1) primarily praying ahead of things (as opposed to in response to things), and 2) praying with the burden, fire, and groan of the Spirit. Though practicals will underscore everything, we believe the Lord is wanting to marry the prophetic with prayer and looking to cultivate a burning furnace of prayer by the Spirit. Our instructions may be practical, but we look to facilitate the burning of the Spirit in prayer.
  4. Be equipped to pray for Israel/the Middle East – though there are many things that can be prayed for, few are more on God’s heart or less prayed for in America than Israel and the Middle East. Prayer meetings will primarily be focused around this subject, bringing people/the American church into praying into this reality and looking to set up an Israel/M.E. prayer meeting moving forward from this mentorship at the Altar Global Prayer Room.


9 week Summer internship with Sarah Coker

This includes serving at the Altar Global Conference June 9th-11th

Dates: May 19th – July 14th

Time: Thursday 6:30 pm-9 pm (In-person) 6:30 pm-8:30 pm (Online)

Location: Prayer room at The Altar Global Headquarters

269 Executive Park Dr. NE

Concord, NC 28025

$ 0.00